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"THE CHILLER"® By Cab-N-Air® for select zero turn mowers



"The Chiller" meets a Drone!

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"The Chiller"® by Cab-n-Air®

As you'll see when it's hot outside and you have to cut the grass, how nice it would be to do it in cool comfort. Once finished, step out of the cab and you will be ready for a cold one on the Patio with out having to get cleaned up first. 


 You all have been asking for more info on the cab it's self, so here is a short video giving a tour of the outside and inside of the cab.


Meet "The Chiller"

     This one of a kind air-conditioned mower cab features a 22,000 BTU air condition unit with a 39,000 BTU condenser.  The Air-Conditioner is designed to produce the highest capacity possible from a compact.unit.   The resin housing is tough and good looking--perfect for our cab.  The condenser is both rugged and versatile, allowing us to mount it without being on the roof top, thereby adding to the sleekness of the machine. 

We Care About Your Comfort


  • Reduced Sun Exposure
  • Comfort from Heat and Humidity
  • Prevents heat related illness
  • Greater employee production
  • Relief for asthma and allergy sufferers
  • Reduction of annoying insects bites

Customer Satisfaction

With the Maneuverability of your Zero Turn mower and the Comfort of Cab-N-Air® the time of long overheated days in the sun will come to an end.  So grab a cold drink and head to the yard or field for a great day of grass cutting!



Come by and see it in person. Check out our Facebook Page Cabnair

"The Chiller"® by Cab-N-Air®

"The Chiller"® and Petey take a stroll. 

As you are cutting your field or yard you occasionally hit some dirt and go through a dirt cloud.

 With the addition of the Cab installed on your zero turn mowers, that wouldn't be a worry any longer. You could mow your property in cool, clean comfort. Check out our Facebook Page at CabNAir

"The Chiller"® By Cab-N-Air®

Check out this great slide show of our Cab Mower.

Why not cut your yard or field in the comfort of Air Conditioning. The days of dealing with too much sun exposure and pesky bugs or getting grass all over yourself while mowing are over.

"The Chiller" by Cab-N-Air®

Here is another one with our A/C Mower Cab.  Come by Fairdale Farm Tractor & Equipment and take a test Drive.

"the chiller"® Cab-N-Air®

 As you shall see the use of the A/C Cab on your mower, keeps you and your mower neat and clean.
Not to mention no more pesky bugs or the hot sun beating down on you.
The health benefits of having a Cab Mower are great. No risk of heat exhaustion or over exposure to the sun, no sunburn on your face. You can mow your yard or field in comfort and in less time than ever before with a Zero Turn Mower with an added Cab. 

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